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Athens 07-10- 2017 Eugenides Foundation 

Under the auspicies of 

  • ΟΒΙ - Industrial Property Organization

  • Ordine e Brevetti - Miano

  • Hellenic Confederation of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (ESEE) 

  • SEDI – Association of Greek Ombudsmen

  • PEOO - Panhellenic Union of Optics and Optometrists 

  • other Institutions

Our Sponsors


Welcome Speach

Prodromos Tsiabos, President of ΟΒΙ

Macharidis Miltiadis Hellenic Police - Financial Police Department                Makrydaki Maria - Gen Dir of ESIMET

Our Speakers  First Panel

Coordinator: Makrydaki Maria


Katerina Margellou -  Director of the Legal Department of OBI : 
 "Protection of Trade Secrets - New EU Rules"


Helen Tzoulia from Attorney at Law Ph.D.,  LL.M. Heidelberg "Imitation of a Trademark as an Unfair Commercial Practice".
Sofia Georgiadi, Attorney at Law,  LL.M. in IP - Bristol University - UK "The Concepts of Brand Name, Trademark, and Domain Name"
Makrydaki Maria- Gen. Director of ESIMET

"When "inspired by" is considered to be an imitation/copying and when not? ".


Poli Tsitsoni, Supre Court Attorney at Law, Certified Mediator, Honored Attorney at Law in the registers of French Embassy 

"Introduction to Mediation. Intellectual Property Protection. Judicial Struggle or Extra-Judicial Negotiation? "


Our Speakers  Second Panel

Coordinator: Nikos Levetsovitis - A '  Vice Chairman of Athens Professional Chamber


Katsavos Panagiotis - President of PEOO
 "Counterfeit eyewear and its impact on Public Health"


Efi Konstaragkou - Ministry of Finance - Custom Direction  "The role of the customs".
Greek Police - Protection of Property Rights and the Environment :
 - Aikaterini Tzintzoura - Office A'.
- George Ntallas -  Directorate of Economic Police / Economics Department on "Standardization, Storage, and Handling of Imitation Products" "The Concepts of Brand Name, Trademark, and Domain Name"
ESEE - The positions of the Greek Confederation of Trade and Entrepreneurship
- Antonis Megoulis - Director Legal Adviser of ESEE
'Control of the trade in counterfeit products'
- Georgia Aggelidaki - Accredited Mediator - Legal Adviser of ESEE "Mediation & Entrepreneurship"


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