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The European Institute of Industrial and Intellectual Property Institute - Athens (EUINIP) is the first and unique professional association for 1) patent agents, 2) trademark agents, lawyers etc., who are practising in all areas of IP law [Intellectual & Industrial].

Founded in 2018, EUINIP covers the gap of having one educational and certification centre in Athens, for those who wish to work in the field of IP.

For this reason, EUINIP is directed to paralegals, to practitioners in law firms, IP agencies, sole practitioners, in-house IP professionals, government personnel, and other 125  professions that are directly and indirectly connected with IP.


But EUINIP is not just an Institute for educational purposes. As we announced in our Congress in Athens last September 22, 2018, and in Thessaloniki, last December 1st, 2018, EUINIP helps new creators to re-secure their creations - work as  EUINIP has created a chrono-stamp that re-secures the anticity of their work. Each creator has an account that can follow up on his work. Of course, EUINIP offers to new creators the possibility to find financial assistance for developing their work and making their idea a reality!...and it's FREE!





1. To highly educate professionals in industrial and
intellectual property contribute with their know how to
understand and expand the value of IP rights.
2. to assist organizations to understand the value of IP.
3. to exchange knowledge and experience with other
institutes around the world and professional for IP
4. To educate young professionals in IP, so they can be
trusted professionals and advisors

Our mission is to have well trained IP professionals so the IP rights to be well secured and professionally guided.


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