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Since the inception of the Association - back in 2016 and after a long period of deep research on why an association is necessary for Greece, ESIMET has been totally focused on building a strategic, anti-counterfeit practice. 
But ESIMET is not just for anti-counterfeit...ESIMET is more!

Our Goal

ESIMET constitutes a register of companies of both Greek and foreign and is the regulatory link between the Greek Authorities and the companies whose products are being counterfeited.

Esimet, covering the gap of a common meeting point of reference for both foreign and domestic Trademark Companies the authorities have the possibility to be properly informed about the representation of the Brands in the Greek territory and as a consulting and training centre for TM and DM rights for the purposes of building not only a solid anti-counterfeiting strategy and providing efficient,  practical and innovative assistance against counterfeit trade and its damaging effect to the Greek Economy and the brands’ commercial image and reputation but also to train the authorities of the areas that cover. 

The Association prides itself in being the only organization to successfully coordinate the process of combating counterfeiting and enabling the brand owners to take full control of their registered rights, with the valuable support of the key Governmental Authorities, as well as private entities and is currently negotiating further partnerships with governmental and private entities, for the purposes of involving in its mission all relevant leading players. 

Our goal is to:

INFORM brand owners about counterfeiting in Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Romania, & Fyrom, setting conferences, editing specific publications, 

CONSTANTLY training the Greek Authorities and the authorities of the areas that cover in collaboration with Brand owners etc,

ORGANIZING  national and European events with and for the Brand owners and with and for the authorities.

PROTECT the consumers from counterfeiting by constant contact with the media.


DEVELOP the trade name.


CO-OPERATING with Greek- Cypriot - Albanian -Romanian and North Macedonia diplomatic corps for the protection and the development of IP Rights [ Industrial and Intellectual] 


And not only as the Trademark Companies Association’s mission is not confined to fighting the trade of counterfeit products for the registered members,  but is also acts a free consulting centre for all the companies that want to protect their IP rights [ Intellectual and Industrial] and to develop their trade name. As such, the Association is able to provide to all the companies [domestic and not] a complete analysis for future TM & DM and patent registrations, prior to the filing of the relevant application, both at a national and an international level.


ESIMET is not only for anti-counterfeit. Has become something bigger :


ESIMET is also focusing on the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in all sections of the trade. 

In this way, the new and the old businessman will be  CONSTANTLY trained and always INFORMED on how to PROTECT and DEVELOP their business 

For more information you can contact us at: +30-210.6440424



1. Luxury and Jewellery Department:

2. Discographic Companies Department:

3.Sports Department :

4. Cosmetic and Medicine Department:

5.Automotive Department:

6. Food Industry Department:

7. Internet Providers Department:

8. Greek Brands Department:

9. Technology and Innovation Department:

10. Seminar - Education Department:


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