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  1. Bioethics and Society.

  2. Biotechnology.

  3. Contract law and IP.

  4. Electronic commercial law.

  5. EU data protection law.

  6. European Competition for IP.

  7. Industrial and Intellectual Property: Intro.

  8. Information Technology law.

  9. Intellectual Property and Human Rights.

  10. Intellectual Property and the Internet.

  11. Intellectual Property and Medicine.

  12. Intellectual Property and Sports.

  13. International and comparative law of Copyright and related rights.

  14. International and comparative law of patents.

  15. International and comparative law of trademarks, designs, and unfair competition.

  16. International and European Media Law.

  17. International Intellectual Property System.

  18. International Oil and Gas law.

  19. IP Sports and Medicine.

  20. Legal aspects of Managing Intellectual Property.

  21. Principles of International Taxation in IP.

  22. Sports Law

  23. The fundamentals of Law and Medical Ethics.

  24. Trade secrets and related rights,

  25. Transfer of technology law


NOTE: During the year the lessons-classes will be increased. 


e-learning platform

The platform will be activated on April 8, 2019

We inform you that some classes-lessons might demand physical presence

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