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IP AND E-COMMERCE. THE CHALLENGE. The Violation of the Industrial and Intellectual Property on the Internet and in E-Commerce 

Thessaloniki 01/12/2018 THE MET HOTEL

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EADITH- Hellenic Bar Association of Young Lawyers of Thessaloniki





The event is accredited by ORDINE - BREVETTI click here

Program Flow


09:30-10:00 Registrations are open

10:00- 10:50 Welcome Speech

Apostolos Tzitzikostas - Regional Governor of Central Macedonia
Emmanouil Vlachogiannis – A’ Vice President of Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Trade
Efstathios Koutsochinas - Attorney at Law - President of Bar Association of Thessaloniki 
Dr. Prodromos Tsiavos – President of the Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation (OBI)
Mantalena Kaili - Responsible for ElonTech - European Law Observatory on New Technologies- ELONtech 
Makrydaki Maria - Gen. Director of Esimet - Trademark Companies Association of Greece-Cyprus-Albania-Romania-Fyrom & Turkey 

10:50 – 13:00 
The Violation of the Industrial and Intellectual Property on the Internet and in E-Commerce. The Authorities, the Brands, the Discographic Companies, Internet Providers and Collective Organizations. 

1.    Demetrios Anastasopoulos – Attorney at Law Counsel of Athens Bar Association - President of the Greek Jurists’ Union ‘e-Themis’
2.    Makrydaki Maria - Gen. Director of Esimet - Trademark Companies Association of Greece-Cyprus-Albania-Romania-Fyrom & Turkey



  • Stauros Thomadakis - Special secretary of SDOE - Special Secretariat for Financial and Economic Crime Unit

  • Ioannis Antoniadis, Chairman, Hellenic Copyright Organization – Ministry of Cultures and Sports “EDDPI the first decisions. Law-based issues and practical implementation”

  • Neofytos Kountardas – Police Captain, Bachelor in Economics & MSc in Applied Informatics, Cyber Crime Subdivision of Northern Greece / Unit of Electronic and Telephone Communication Security & Protection of Software and Intellectual Property Rights

  • Maria G. Sinanidou, LL.M. Int. IP Law, Certified Mediation Advocate, Legal Counselor at the Hellenic Copyright Organization "New arrangements in the field of IP Rights infringements"

  • Evangelia Vagena, Attorney at Law, Ph.D, DEA Droit et Informatique, CIPP/E, IP & IT law expert “European copyright policy and Greek reality: beyond the regulation of the single market”,

  • Eleonora Rosati Associate Professor in IP Law (University of Southampton) - Artificial Intelligence and Copyright in Europe: A Happy (or Even Possible) Relationship?

  • Elena Tzoulia, Attorney at Law PhD, LL. M. Heidelberg "Intellectual Property Offenses in Search Engines: Appearances - Allocation of Responsibilities - Claims" 

  • Yannos Paramithiotis, Attorney at Law - PhD, LL.M. Paramithiotis and Partners Law firm “Surreptitious advertising in social media as an unfair commercial practice”.

  • George Stampolis - CEO THE SPICY EFFECT - SPICY MUSIC "Music everywhere, Education and Information - The Defense for Copyright" 

  • Vaggelis Patsiantos, Legal Consultant FORTHNET "Piracy: Enemy of Art and Culture - Presentation of legal issues that have arisen from time to time on the issue of piracy on Pay-TV and the position of the case law on them" 

  • Eva Costantini, General Counsel, IP Specialist in charge of Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeiting of Tonino Lamborghini – “Digital Challenges, Luxury Companies Internationalization and Ip Values- Brand Protection and Licensing. The Italian way”

  • PAOK FC: “Evolution, Registration and Protection of PAOK FC Trademark” 

1.    Lazaros Bachtsevanos – Commercial Director PAOK FC
2.    Vasilis Papastavros – Attorney at Law, LL.M. PhD student DUTh, ADRg Accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator, Legal consultant of DIMERA Group 

  • Antonis Vagianos, Attorney at Law - Hellenic Association of Music Publishers "Authorization process for online uses of music". 

  • Demetrios Giarmenitis, General Director GEA “Practical problems of online (radio and television) transmission of recorded music”.

  • George Mpampetas, Legal Consultant - GRAMMO & GEA "TV program storage services in cloud computing. Intellectual Property Issues" 


Questions 13:00 – 13:20
13:20 – 14:20 Lunch Break 
14:25 – 17:00 SPECIAL PANEL 
Prespes Agreement. The next day for the Greek Companies of Thessaloniki – Macedonia. Problematics and possible solutions. 

End of Congress


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